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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Unit Trust Consultant

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone!!
I think its a long time for me not to posting anything in this blog..
I quiet busy doing something..

What kind of something?
Aha, its about study..
Now i'm taking master in International Islamic University Malaysia..
Master in Economic..

Furthermore, I'm also doing something that is valuable not only for me
but also for everyone..

Now i becoming agent for CIMB Wealth Advisor and also Etiqa Takaful..
Whats that??
Aha is unit trust consultant and takaful advisory..

In next month i and one of my friend want to built one group called..
English Islamic Financial Consultant Group..
I'll tell about it later..
But i want to mention that this group not just becoming consultant
for Muslim but also any kind of people..

See ya all..

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Azizi Ali - millionaires' coach, prolific author, charismatic speaker and financial consultant , one of the many self-made entrepreneurs who made it big in Malaysia. caught up with Azizi during the recent KL International Book Fair in PWTC. Read the exciting interview with him.

Tell us your story
Not many people know that I actually owned a music shop as my first business venture. It didn't go well, because I lost RM 100,000 in 2 years! But I learned my lesson after that. I didn't have proper knowledge needed to run a music shop. So I switched to my passion, which has always been writing books on finance. I knew then, that my books were going to sell.

Initially I was a one-man operation: I would receive mail orders from home, package the books and personally go to the post office to mail those books to the customers. As more orders came in, the business expanded and I needed more help, so I employed people to work for me one at a time. We moved into a bigger office. People seemed to like my books so much that some even asked me to give seminars on financial planning, so I started to give seminars. I had an accomplice to help me organize the seminar events while all I had to do was to speak to participants.

Now we have an average of 100 to 200 people per seminar, and we hope to have 500-1000 people per session in the future.

Why do you think people keep coming to your seminars?
Three reasons.
1) I'm a very practical speaker - I do more practical than theory-based work.
2) I cater to Malaysians who want to know more about finance. Even my books are catered to Malaysians. Financial books written in other countries are not 100% applicable to us Malaysians, my books are 100% applicable.
3) I'm a real-life person. People can relate to me when I speak to them.

What are your plans for the future? Where do you see your company in 5 years time?
Definitely doing what I do best - writing better books and giving more seminars to educate people. We've had about 127% growth for a few years and the company should be worth around RM 10 million by 2010.

What do you think prevents Malaysians from daring to go into entrepreneurship?
Firstly, I need to stress that starting a business is not everyone's cup of tea. Not everyone has to necessary qualities to do so. A person needs to have enough knowledge on business - not only the technical aspects (buying and selling) , but also other areas such as marketing, human resource management, and financial management. You must have the ability to make quick decisions. But not everybody makes good decisions all the times ( I've made some mistakes too ), but the point is to learn from those mistakes and keep going with courage. Also, read more books to gain more knowledge, and get a mentor if possible.

What do you think is the current trend in business? Where is the potential market?

It is not necessary to follow the latest business trend. Let's take an example: Suppose currypuffs ( Azizi was having a currypuff for tea at that time) sell very good today, so you start a currypuff business. But the next day, flourescent lights ( we were sitting directly beneath a flourescent light bulb) sell like hot cakes. Are you going to switch businesses because of that?

Instead, you should follow your interest AND your money-making prospect.

(Takes a pen and paper and draws a Venn diagram)

People who are engulfed too much in their interest will not think of the money - in the end they won't make any money. People who are too money-minded will only focus on the money, and that is not good. If you do not have the interest, you can still do well , but chances are you probably won't last long. Pick a right balance of interest and money-making prospect, and you will be successful.

For me, I really love books, and I can spend hours in a bookstore, just like my children who spend hours in Toys R Us.

What is your advice for Malaysians who want to start their own business?
Rule number 1 in business - sell things that people want.
Also, try to have more work experience in relevant fields before starting off.

Let's say there are two people who started their businesses. One decided to start from scratch, and the other decided to obtain a huge investment from banks to fund a multi-million dollar business. What do you think of starting small against starting big?

I assume that the second person knows what he/she is doing when borrowing millions of dollars from banks.

But to me, I don't recommend borrowing big money to start businesses , because money should only be borrowed for growth. If a factory is making money and wishes to expand its production line, then borrowing money is not wrong - because the factory will grow in production. Always keep in mind that if you borrow money from the bank, you have to pay back some time later. So it's not a good idea to start a very big business ( which might fail) by borrowing money.

Visit to know more about Azizi Ali!

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Just take a look at - Malaysia's first search engine with over 27 million visitors per month. It's the place where people search for information and discuss the latest happenings. If didn't have 27 million visitors per month they wouldn't be the biggest online community in Malaysia!

Why is having a forum so important?

Getting raw marketing data - almost all online communities have forums. At least that's how people communicate with one another. When people communicate, they use messages and it is from these messages that you can get your marketing information - you can know what people like and what people don't like.

Communicating with your potential customers - let's say you're selling designer jeans and you've built an online community for that designer label. Need to promote your latest line of designer jeans? Do it through the forums!

Selling advertising space - once you've gotten yourself a thriving community - it's time to generate some side income by selling advertising space on your forums.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bill Gates: Blogs are good for business

Blogging is entering the mainstream – Bill Gates thinks they’re a useful business tool, so expect one of your directors to pop up with the idea of corporate blogs at your next board meeting.

Blogs are online diaries, usually collections of links, thoughts and illustrations kept by one person who wants to share information about themselves or their enthusiasms. They can be purely personal, or a day-to-day update on a business project.

Gates says that blogs are a good way to share information, both inside and outside of organisations and have considerable advantages over older forms of communication such as email (email is old now?). Emails can miss out the right people or be too imposing, and websites are too passive. People forget to visit websites, and get frustrated when they make the effort to go there and the site hasn’t been updated.

The solution? A blog with an RSS feed. Real Simple Syndication is a feed that allows stories to be pushed to other sources like news readers and even other websites. This way, changes and new information come to the reader, not the other way round.

Over 700 MS employees keep project blogs, to share information and keep others up to date on projects they are working on.

Microsoft doesn’t have a blogging tool yet – but it can’t be long before one appears, tied in with MSN, Messenger and quite possibly FrontPage and MS Project.

Blogging Platforms

Bill Gates

Microsoft co-founder and chairman, Bill Gates received an honorary knighthood from ‘er Majesty the Queen today.

Bill Gates, 48 was dead chuffed to receive the award, saying it was “a great honour” to be recognised for his business skills and for his work on poverty reduction.

The entrepreneur - the richest man in the world worth an estimated £28bn. - was handed an insignia to make him a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire, an honour that dates back to 1917 (although monarchs have been creating knights for centuries).

The ceremony took place amongst all the pomp and grandeur of the formal state-rooms at the palace, and involved Gates kneeling in front of the Queen, and getting a gentle tap on the shoulder with a sword.

Gates was granted a private audience with the Queen after the ceremony, and reported that they spoke about using computers (perhaps Her Majesty was having trouble with her Windows installation?)

As an American citizen, Gates can’t use the title “Sir” but he is entitled to put the letters KBE after his name.

Gates joins a select band of honorary knights including Live Aid organiser Bob Geldof, film director Steven Spielberg, Afghan president Hamid Karzai and the mighty Spike Milligan.

Gates and his wife Melinda are well known for their charitable work, investing millions in research for an Aids vaccine and a scholarship scheme to enable the brightest students to go to Cambridge University.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is currently working on a global health programme in the developing world.

Not everyone loves old Billy though, and Microsoft have been convicted of anti-competitive behaviour in the USA and are currently being investigated in Europe.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Next Internet MILLIONAIRE- Preview

The most people looking for to success in the internet playground is to SUCCESS in the things their done within the internet. Online business currently have become common trend in nowadays business. But some people still have a little knowledge about internet. They do not have clear picture about 'how to make money through the internet'...All things they know is just HYIP (High Yield Investment). This is wrong..They are many things to learn on how to generate income throughout the internet.

Within this, I provide you with preview on The Next Internet Millionaire programme in US. On this come through in my mind about the programme. Hopefully one day the programme eill be held in Malaysia. This to make people to participate and have a better knowledge of internet business (online).

In my observation, there are many internet businessman in Malaysia but they do not expose themselves in the market. The famous and prominent person that i know in Malaysian that is Millionaire Internet Entrepreneur and get the title within just 3 years is IRFAN KHAIRI.

I believe if the programme held in Malaysia, there are many opportunity to all people who is really interested in the internet business. Hopefully, this idea can be reality.. Maybe some day i will talk with IRFAN KHAIRI about this.

Pray for me..

~Helmi Suhaimi~
The Next Millionaire

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


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